Tips On How To Temper Chocolate

Anyone who loves chocolate will know just how sensitive this is to changing temperatures.  Leave it out under the heat of the sun and after a few minutes, it’ll be like runny goo all over the place.  Chilling this again will end up with a bar that is most likely not as sumptuous as when you first tasted it.

Such a fickly ingredient should be handled gently when using it for producing confectionery at home.  Tempering chocolate is quite a fiddly task that will require concentration, awareness of temperatures and lots of patience and practice to get it right.

There are several things to remember when it comes to tempering:
1. Use low heat so you can control the heating of the ingredient properly.  Try to avoid scorching it.  Scorched chocolate will be grainy.
2. Do not directly heat it.  Place a bowl over simmering water but not directly in it.  Put the chocolate into the bowl and the steam coming from the water will heat it up gently.
3. You would really need to stir it constantly.  This is particularly important when talking about milk and white varieties.
4. If you feel that you’ve heated it too much to almost scorching point, take it away from the heat and transfer immediately to a cold bowl to allow it to cool slightly.

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